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What We Do

The Power of Eight

At Midlands Innovation, we unite the power of our eight universities’ research with the unique strengths of Midlands industry to drive cutting-edge research, innovation and skills development to create opportunities for our people, place and partnership.

What We Do

Midlands Innovation delivers research to help find solutions to social and economic challenges. We bring our research communities together to collaborate on projects to facilitate growth and build a sustainable research and innovation ecosystem.


We deliver world-class research that impacts the people living in our communities.


By delivering ambitious, place-based initiatives, Midlands Innovation helps to tackle the region’s biggest challenges. Our collaboration works to champion and strengthen the region’s research and innovation ecosystem.


We catalyse new research collaborations across the Midlands Innovation membership, creating research communities for a purpose. We generate new ideas in partnership with regional stakeholders.


Our collaborative approach influences future prospects for the region. We shape and inform national and local policy through research and innovation projects we deliver together.


We deliver ambitious, large-scale collaborative research projects and develop renowned research programmes that create opportunities for the Midlands.

Research & Innovation

Midlands Innovation is uniquely placed as a pan-regional research and innovation partnership to deliver research and activities that power growth in the Midlands.

Inclusive Transformation
Research Infrastructure & Culture

Our universities work with industry partners to help solve and accelerate energy solutions and low carbon technologies to tackle today’s real-world challenges. The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) is a long-standing partnership dedicated to enabling research and innovation in energy.

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Midlands Innovation Health (MI Health) coordinates and combines the collective excellence of seven Midlands Innovation universities to deliver improved Midlands health and regional growth.

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Our research community is developing place-based, interdisciplinary and co-created ideas to tackle the challenges impacting communities. We’re enabling new insight and social research that will help to enhance wellbeing and prosperity.

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The space research collaboration explores opportunities to help shape the future of space technology. We form one of the largest collections of space-related expertise in the world and support research, development and training within industry and academia.

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We unlock research opportunities by facilitating research  equipment sharing within our partnership. By strengthening our research infrastructure, we’re developing innovative remote training opportunities for researchers and improving research culture.

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Our university partners collectively contribute to economic growth and through collaboration we drive enterprise and innovation. We support and strengthen opportunities for spin-outs and work to attract foreign investment into our R&D portfolio.

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We work together to develop the research and innovation workforce of tomorrow, by supporting career development and learning skills to create a pipeline of talent from technicians to PostDocs and research enablers.

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Our Partners

Midlands Innovation is uniquely placed as a pan-regional research and innovation partnership to deliver world-class research and activities that power growth in the region.