High Performance Computing (HPC)

Our High Performance Scientific Computing facility accelerates science-based research, creating opportunities for ground-breaking research

High Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC Tier 2 Facility for Ensemble Computing

Computer simulation and modelling are increasingly seen as the third pillar of modern science, alongside theory and experiment.

Based at the University of Warwick, Sulis is a new Tier 2 high-performance computer (HPC) that creates opportunities for ground-breaking research within a range of research disciplines – such as drug discovery and identifying EV battery materials.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Unlocking Research
Discoveries With HPC

Unlike the majority of HPC facilities, Sulis focuses on high-throughput and ensemble computing workflows to accelerate breakthroughs applicable to a range of problems in the physical sciences.

Sulis uses CPU and GPU hardware, configured to support research applications that rely on large ensembles of small scale calculations to enable greater quantities of data sampling

This is the first machine of its kind in the UK to focus on enhancing ensemble computing workflows, addressing an unmet need in the academic research sector.

Sulis is now the largest facility of its kind in the Midlands, replacing the previous HPC Midlands+ system Athena which was hosted at Loughborough University.

Learn more about Sulis, the state-of-the-art Tier 2 HPC at University of Warwick https://warwick.ac.uk/research/rtp/sc/sulis/

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