We catalyse new research collaborations across the Midlands Innovation membership, creating research communities for a purpose. We generate new ideas in partnership with regional stakeholders.


Research Partnerships & Collaborations

Midlands Innovation collaborates with organisations such as national, regional and local government, the NHS, and public and private sector businesses, to generate new ideas and help find solutions to local challenges.


Collaborate to Innovate

Our place-based initiatives:

Share best practice to strengthen research delivery in the Midlands.

Design research programmes which address our region’s challenges.

Co-create solutions to strengthen the Midlands R&D ecosystem.

Develop new partnerships with regional stakeholders, other regional university groupings and beyond to deliver projects of excellence.

Latest News

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The UK Higher Education Technicians Summit Returns in 2025
Panelists showcase the region's work to address health inequalities through research

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MI welcomes research council leaders to the region

Frequently Asked Questions

We collaborate with organisations, such as national, regional and local government, NHS, and public and private sector businesses to help find solutions to local challenges. Most of these collaborations come from existing networks and research projects. If you have a new or specific interest that aligns with our priorities, get in touch by email

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