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The Role of Technicians in Knowledge Exchange 

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Bringing together academic, business and clinical partners to put the Midlands at the heart of health and life science research.

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A Midlands Innovation initiative, ERA is working to address the most pressing global energy challenges. Based on the four innovation themes of Energy Conversion, Energy Storage, Energy Distribution and Energy Use, ERA is finding new ways to address the issue of climate change through the development of renewable energy solutions and the reduction of carbon emissions.

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The transport sector is at a time of significant change. The ways in which we move people and goods around whether it be by road, rail or air need to decarbonise. Innovations in autonomy and connectivity mean that the concepts of self-driving, autonomous vehicles are getting closer to being a reality.

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Midlands Innovation Health coordinates and combines the collective excellence of 7 Midlands Innovation universities to deliver improved health and regional growth. Driving disruptive translational interventions and influencing nationally, MI Health draws together a critical mass of innovative regional stakeholders to impact national and global health challenges using local training strengths, expertise, networks, best practice and facilities.

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ERA plays key role in regional Green Growth plan
The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) has played a vital role in the development of the Midlands Engine’s ‘Ten Point Plan for Green Growth’ which was launched today. The Ten Point Plan for Green Growth sets out a strategic... See news item


ERA plays key role in regional Green Growth plan
The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) has played a vital role in the development of the Midland... See news item


Symposium Showcases Midlands Health & Life Sciences Innovation Opportunities
The Midlands has a thriving health and life sciences sector which is ‘perfectly placed&rs... See news item


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Featured /

Mobilising Research Excellence in the Midlands to Tackle COVID-19

Midlands Innovation Health, together with the Midlands Health Alliance and Medilink Midlands have published a joint report to highlight the region’s research excellence to support national COVID-19 pandemic efforts.

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The Energy Research Accelerator has submitted a bid to government around six 'Big Ideas' which it believes will help to create 7,000 new jobs and deliver £1.5 billion GVA to the Midlands Economy.

ERA's document 'Putting the Midlands at the Forefront of Energy Innovation' outlines the way in which the Midlands Innovation universities, together with the British Geological Survey (BGS), Energy Systems and Connected Places Catapult, and the Manufacturing Technology Centre will work together to develop and implement technologies including energy storage, decarbonisation of heat, alternative fuels, energy from waste and more.

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Supporting Space Research Innovation 

Midlands Innovation are bringing people together from academia and business to explore collaborations in research, training, skills and equipment as they relate to New Space activities – both upstream and downstream.

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Technicians Play Key Role in Knowledge Exchange (KE) Report Finds
Knowledge Exchange Report Reveals How to Strengthen UK Research & Innov... See news item

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