The Midlands is home to a zero carbon energy cluster. Research innovation from our partners is driving new pioneering energy technologies.


Prioritising Low
Carbon Technologies

Our universities work with industry partners to accelerate energy solutions and low carbon technologies. The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) is at the forefront of energy innovation. it is the largest energy research partnership in the UK and our longest partnership, bringing together 1,400 researchers from our eight partner universities and the British Geological Society.


Energy Priorities

Our Energy Priorities are discussed in detail on our Energy Research Accelerator website. You can visit the Energy Research Accelerator and find out more about our energy research and how are members can support you with energy innovation at @EnergyRA. High level priorities are:

1. Energy and the built environment, including heating and cooling, thermal efficiency, local area energy planning and net-zero buildings.

2. Energy generation and systems, including energy generation, Energy storage and materials, Smart energy, Energy markets

3. Transport and mobility, including electric and hydrogen flight and airports, space travel and applications, batteries and hydrogen and e-mobility trucks and trains.

4. Sustainability and people, including circular economy and critical materials, habitable earth and climate justice, sustainable fuels and biochar and nature inspired materials

5. Decarbonisation of industry, including hydrogen for industry, energy efficiency and storage, low cost energy and next generation manufacturing

Hydrogen Economy

Developing a hydrogen economy

Developing a hydrogen economy in the Midlands through the HyDEX programme. The £5 million programme aims to create a new hydrogen industrial economy in the Midlands by working with SMEs, established Midlands-based and UK commercial partners, and multinationals to accelerate innovation, build markets and support the required skills transition.

For more information about the HyDEX hydrogen development programme, visit @HYDEXMidlands

For more information about the Energy Research Accelerator and to find out how it can support you with energy innovation, visit 

World-class postdoctoral development programme Centre for Postdoctoral Development in Infrastructure Cities and Energy (C-DICE)

C-DICE aims to build and sustain the advanced skills base required to create a pipeline of world-class talent for the Infrastructure, Cities and Energy (IC&E) sectors, and accelerate progress towards a net-zero society by 2050. The programme brings together the collective expertise of the UKCRIC universities with the partners of the Energy Research Accelerator, working alongside research associations, institutes, and many leading industrial partners. Learn more at @CentreDice

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