Midlands Open Bioimaging

Midlands Open Bioimaging (MOB) is a collaborative network that facilitates remote training and access to advanced microscopy.

Midlands Open Bioimaging

Expanding and Strengthening Research Capability and Capacity

The universities Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and Warwick are exploring and developing tools to enhance access to advanced optical microscopy techniques. This initiative is supported by a £1 million grant from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), which is part of UK Research & Innovation (UKRI). Significant progress in advanced microscopy has opened exciting opportunities to directly observe complex biological processes in living cells with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution. However, these methods require sophisticated equipment and expert knowledge available in only a few, highly-specialised centres.By creating an asset based on the most recent technology developments in remote control and fluorescence microscopy, this project aims to break this accessibility barrier by providing remote training and access to state-of-the-art equipment to the wider biomedical community.

Midlands Open Bioimaging

Our Bioimaging Research Impact

This initiative is an excellent vehicle for enhancing relationships within the Midlands Bioimaging community in the region. Coordinating procurement, discussing installation plans and barriers has improved understanding of data security, attitudes to tools such as team viewer and the teams are now more familiar with the microscope set ups at other universities.

Improved industrial engagement

The University of Nottingham’s upgraded systems has allowed real-time analysis of samples for SMEs leading to valuable, time-dependent discussions on improving sample preparation.

Better training

The Zeiss CD7 at the University of Nottingham has allowed staff across campus to be remotely trained at the same time. Specialists from Zeiss in Germany have run a VR demonstration package also showing the potential for remote control of a confocal microscope.

Sustainable & More Efficient Support From Suppliers 

Remote access functionality is in place at multiple universities, supported by engineers and product specialists for training and day-to-day running of the laboratories. This is a more sustainable and cost-effective way of working as it removes the need for engineers to travel to the universities which also leads to faster response times.

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Midlands Open Bioimaging

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