Flow Cytometry

The Midlands Innovation Flow Cytometry Group is at the forefront of flow cytometry and shares best practice nationally.

State of the Art Flow

The Midlands is at the forefront of flow cytometry, with state of the art equipment and many advanced research groups addressing local and global challenges. 

It is one of Midlands Innovation’s longest-standing networks promoting research collaboration, facilitating equipment sharing and delivering training and education.

Flow Cytometry

Our Flow Cytometry Research Impact

Our network supports vital research in the medical, life sciences, biotechnology, food science and environment sectors. In the Midlands we use flow cytometry:

in immunology (Covid-19).

in plant science to examine ploidy levels and cell cycle analysis in plants to improve crop yield.

to examine thrombi in infection.

study antibody secreting cells in Dengue virus infection.


Sharing advanced flow cytometry equipment and training enables experiments that would not otherwise be possible, adding significant value to a wide range of research disciplines as well as developing collaborations across Midlands Innovation institutions.

Our Committee

The Midlands Innovation Flow Cytometry Group Committee consists of:

Aston – Jill Johnson
Birmingham – Guillaume Desanti
Cranfield – Francis Hassard
Keele – Alan Richardson
Leicester – David Cousins
Loughborough – Lettie Bishop
Northampton – Lee Machado
Nottingham – Lucy Fairclough & David Onion
Warwick – Steven Servin-Gonzalez

£1 million in grants secured

UK first Sony Spectral Analyser

400+ researchers trained

Annual conference attracting +150 people

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Flow Cytometry

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