Inclusive Transformation

Working in partnership to tackle the challenges facing our communities

Researchers at Inclusive Transformation Conference 2023

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Tackling the challenges of inequality, low productivity and community prosperity requires partnership: Universities need to work with civic and regional partners as well as with business partners and each other.

The Inclusive Transformation research priority uses funds from each partner’s annual Research England’s Policy Support Fund (PSF) allocation to undertake collaborative research projects. These seed corn projects explore research topics that have a local, regional and national focus and develop activity aimed at working in partnership with policymakers and affected communities.

Inclusive Transformation

Reviving Communities Through Social Research

By combining nationally recognised university schools with several thousand academics across Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities with our diverse stakeholders, Midlands Innovation is creating new insight and research ideas that will help to find solutions to social issues affecting many communities. 

Experts are examining community imbalances that impact the way people live and collaborating on new ideas that will support:

  • Economic Renewal
  • Wellbeing and Prosperity for all
  • Social Diversity and Inclusion

Our research community is collaborating with local authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and health trusts to scope out larger-scale projects including:

  • Exploring the lived experience of communities confronting energy poverty and precarity
  • Creating more green jobs locally and supporting BAME SMEs to recover from the pandemic
  • Arts-led interventions to drive innovation in the care sector
  • Developing urban agri-training to educate around food security
  • Rewilding urban locations for biodiversity uplift and community engagement

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Inclusive Transformation

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