We deliver world-class research that impacts the people living in our communities.


People are at the heart of research and innovation. Our people are delivering world-class research which, in turn, impacts people in our communities. 

Empowered Community,
Innovative Research

We aim to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive research ecosystem and entrepreneurial culture by developing the skills of our people whilst empowering and celebrating our diverse community.

We benefit our region’s population by better understanding the challenges they face and improving citizen engagement in our activity.


Developing Our People, 
Accelerating Research

Midlands Innovation delivers initiatives to develop the skills of our people, from Early Career Researchers (ECRs), PostDocs, to technicians and research enablers. Through research and training the workforce of tomorrow, our universities improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of people in the Midlands, the UK and globally.

We have a rich and diverse workforce. Our partners collectively employ 7% of the UK’s academic workforce and 10% of the UK’s postgraduates (16,125 academics and 11,310 research students). There are 33,978 people employed across our eight universities and our university partners support 6% of all UK undergraduate students. (2021-22 HESA).

We tackle systemic challenges through collaboration (e.g. to improve research culture, support Early Career Researchers, develop research leaders) by securing new project investment and piloting novel approaches.

Championing Technicians

Since 2015 Midlands Innovation has helped to increase the visibility of our technical workforce, to recognise its excellence and support career development. Our eight universities were founding signatories of the Technician Commitment initiative and the UK Higher Education Technicians Summit (a biennial conference for the technical community and Papin Prizes).

MI TALENT Programme

The transformational programme launched in 2020 to advance status and opportunities for technicians in UK higher education and research. The TALENT Commission report has gathered new strategic insights into the UK’s technical workforce in higher education and research. Midlands Innovation universities have collectively committed to implementing the employer recommendations within their institutes, improving future technical skills, roles and careers for the 2,100 technicians in the Midlands Innovation community. Learn more at @MI_TechTALENT

World-class postdoctoral development programme Centre for Postdoctoral Development in Infrastructure Cities and Energy C-DICE

C-DICE aims to build and sustain the advanced skills base required to create a pipeline of world-class talent for the Infrastructure, Cities and Energy (IC&E) sectors, and accelerate progress towards a net-zero society by 2050. The programme brings together the collective expertise of the UKCRIC universities with the partners of the Energy Research Accelerator, working alongside research associations, institutes, and many leading industrial partners. Learn more at @CentreDice

Future Energy Leaders ERA Skills

ERA Skills provides a holistic energy-related skills provision to develop high-quality energy workforce; to create a diverse talent pipeline to secure the UK’s position as a leader in energy research and innovation; and to facilitate knowledge transfer between researchers and industry to help accelerate the downstream impact of ERA-related research. Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Collectively there are 16,125 academics (7% of the UK’s academic workforce) ,11,310 research students (10% of the UK’s postgraduates) and a technical community of around 2,100. Our eight universities support 121,190 undergraduate students (6% of the UK’s undergrads) and employ 33,978 (2021-22 data).

Our eight university partners are Technician Commitment signatories. They were founding signatories of the Technician Commitment, along with several other university partners, when the initiative launched in 2015.

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