Our Technician Commitment

tech committ

1800px Kelly VereDSC 7860The roles that technicians do, usually behind the scenes, are vital in ensuring the success of our universities and research institutes, providing academic, research and student colleagues with the essential technical expertise that they need to enable their research and teaching.

Kelly Vere MBE, Director of Technical Skills & Strategy for University of Nottingham

Our work in this area is led by our a Technical Staff Strategy Committee which brings together technical managers from across the partnership to support our institutional responsibilities under the Technician Commitment and to explore innovative ways in which we can collaborate to further support our technical staff.

Our major areas of activity have included:

  • Establishing the UK Higher Education Technicians Summit (HETs); a national conference for technical staff working in higher education and research.
  • Establishing the Papin Prizes; a series of awards to publicly recognise technical excellence in academia.
  • Piloting a collaborative placement programme to enable career development opportunities for our technical staff.

Future work will focus on the development of collaborative training for our technical staff and identifying further areas where collaboration can support the aims of the Technician Commitment.

More information about the Technician Commitment can be found on the website