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Ingenuity buildingThe vision behind the Midlands Innovation Universities commercialisation accelerator is to exchange best practice across the regions Technology Transfer Offices and allow a single point of contact for businesses and investors

Dr Susan Huxtable, Director of IP and Commercialisation University of Nottingham


The Midlands Innovation Commercialisation of Research Accelerator (MICRA) is funded by Research England as part of its Connecting Capability Fund programme. MICRA brings together the innovations and capabilities of the eight Midlands Innovation universities, in what is the largest formal collaboration between technology transfer offices (TTOs) in the UK.

The Midlands Innovation universities are highly effective at identifying new inventions, patenting these, and starting up ‘spin out’ companies to develop and commercialise new technologies. Together, the MI universities generate more patents per pound of research income than any other university alliance in the UK. The MICRA programme is building a spin-out and start-up ecosystem that will significantly increase the productivity of the region, and will help to accelerate the speed at which innovations can reach markets.

MICRA provides a structure which enables technology transfer offices to strengthen their capacity and share best practice. The aim is to provide a world-class service in the Midlands, for both academic innovators and industrial partners, which will improve the quantity and quality of technologies being commercialised.

A single web-based access and information point – the MICRA Gateway enables the collective licensing and investment opportunities of the eight Midlands Innovation universities to be easily found by investors and businesses at a single site. The website will also give technology transfer staff access to common resources through a shared platform.

Visit the MICRA Gateway