Placement Programme

Our Technical Skills Placement Programme was piloted in 2019 to support our 2100+ technicians.

Our technical staff play a vital role in our institutions. The work that they do, usually unseen, enables teaching, research, knowledge exchange and outreach activities to take place. The Technical Skills Placement Programme will provide our technicians with an opportunity to work with technicians at other universities on a short placement, in order to develop and share their skills, best practice and experiences and make new contacts that can provide support and advice to help them in their future technical careers.

The Technical Skills Placement Programme Pilot was open to any of our technicians, of any grade from across the eight member universities and the funding covers travel, sustenance and accommodation. 24 placements were awarded in this pilot round with activities expected to take place during the summer of 2019. Upon completion successful applicants are expected to submit a short report. We will use these reports and conversations with hosts and applicants to evaluate the success of the programme and consider revisions to the programme before repeating it in 2020.

The Midlands Innovation Technical Placement Programme allowed me to meet with excellent researchers. I had the opportunity to learn new skills, shadow other technicians, and exchange ideas with fellow scientists in my field. I really enjoyed the friendly and professional environment at my placement! Thank you!

Noemi Vadaszy, Teaching Support Technician, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham.