MI helps National Protective Security Authority to train Midlands universities on Secure Innovation

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With research security high in the news recently, MI is delighted to support the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) to train universities on Secure Innovation which aims to help keep academic spinout companies safe from potential hostile actors.

A new personalised action plan tool, designed by NPSA and the National Cyber Security Centre, was officially launched on 16th April 2024 and is available to download here. To help support its rollout, Midlands Innovation and the NPSA jointly hosted a training session with Technology Transfer Office representatives of the eight Midlands Innovation partner institutions, giving representatives a chance to learn about the tool before its official launch.

The session focused on ‘Training the Trainer’ with those working in Technology Transfer Offices now able to pass on what they have learned, as well as raising awareness of the completely free tool available to academic spinout companies they are supporting.

It’s not the first time MI universities have collaborated in the spinout space, or supported initiatives around research security. In April 2023, Midlands Innovation partners established Midlands Mindforge, a patient capital investment company for university spinouts and other early-stage IP-rich businesses in the Midlands. Establishing Midlands Mindforge, the first university spinout investment vehicle to involve eight research-intensive universities and to operate across a pan-region, is the result of MI partners working together for a number of years on the commercialisation and enterprise agenda.

Midlands Innovation institutions are keen to continue working together through the collaborative platform that MI provides them on issues around security, and the training with the NPSA is the latest in a series of initiatives to take place. In 2023 social scientists from the partnership worked with GCHQ representatives on research opportunities which will help the UK with law enforcement, security and intelligence. Read more here.

Dr Helen Turner, Director of Midlands Innovation said: “The security of research and around emerging technology is not just an issue of national importance. For academics who are able to turn their hard work into commercial opportunities, with the support of their academic institutions, there’s a fundamental need to keep their hard-earned intellectual property safe.

“That’s why we not only welcome the rollout of the new research security tool by the National Protective Security Authority and the National Cyber Security Centre, we are also delighted to support this special training opportunity for our partners.”

Published: 3rd May 2024

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