Midlands Innovation has a number of research and innovation programmes.

More than just a project, these are long-term, structured collaborations that build on our collective and complementary capabilities in areas of strategic regional and national importance.

Working in partnership, these programmes run for a number of years and exploit what is best within our institutions enabling us to deliver at a scale that we couldn’t reach as individual universities.  They help our institutions to learn from each other through the sharing of best-practice and create new growth opportunities within and between our institutions, with regional and national government, and in close partnership with business, industry and communities across the region and around the world.

Our research and innovation programmes are under the supervision of our Executive Management Group (EMG). Each programme is led by a senior figure from our institutions and its progress is regularly monitored by our EMG.


Example programmes

Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange

Enterprise Excellence

Collaboration, enterprise and knowledge transfer are fundamental elements of the MI partnership that continues to grow in strength and outreach.

Ideas, information and knowledge generation are integral to the results and outcomes of world-class research.  Translating those ideas and delivering to business requires expertise and guidance; collectively the MI Enterprise Network interacts with a broad business-base to drive research ideas directly into the economy, job creation and growth.

Making a difference

Midlands Innovation makes a difference.  We have substantial collective activity in all areas of business engagement, Intellectual Property (IP) creation, IP development and incubation / business support. 

Working with business to translate cutting-edge research and innovation into real-world applications is at the centre of our enterprise mission.  Our collaboration with companies, generating tangible outcomes and improved business performance opportunities, show our commitment to delivering extensive social, economic, environmental and technological impacts from the world-class research excellence generated across the partnership.

Our expertise and capabilities cuts across all disciplines.  From engineering and science to medicine and the life sciences; from business and the social sciences to the arts and humanities.  Collaborating with industry and organisations from all sectors, the Enterprise Network provides support and access for enterprise development, investment and investor relationships to help entrepreneurs drive their ideas forward, meet a wider community of like-minded people and find the right targeted incubation support within the partnership.

Excellence and Impact

Working alongside our individual partner teams, the Enterprise Network provides a single route for engaging with world-class universities, clustered in the heart of the UK.