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Space rocketsAt Leicester our space research and Leicester Space park are a major priority. Working with the Midlands Innovation team to bring together the Midlands-wide academic community has the potential for some exciting research collaborations.

Professor Martin Barstow, Leicester University

The Midlands and space

The UK Space industry is valued at around £14 billion, a significant sector in the British economy, supporting almost 42,000 jobs across a range of industries including broadcasting, communications, defence and many more.

The Midlands plays a vital role in the UK's space industry -  the region has long and enviable record of involvement in space science. The first Midlands built instrument in space was launched aboard a Skylark rocket in 1961 and there has been at least one piece of Midlands built equipment operating in space every year since 1967. 

Today, the government, regional and smart specialisation strategy brings together local expertise and strategic opportunity, and this has resulted in Space being identified as an area of key strategic opportunity for the Midlands.