Access to potable water for people in both developed and developing countries is of high importance. There are concerns about the viability of current practices in meeting the increasing demands of all water users and there is a clear need to develop innovative new technologies and materials to address challenges associated with the provision of safe potable water to all.

The lack of access to safe water supply and sanitation has immediate and negative consequences, creating a well-documented plethora of health, environmental and socio-economic problems and impacts especially on vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and the poor.

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The Midlands Innovation water network brings together researchers with water-related interests and development interests to explore the potential for collaboration particularly in relation to the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene UN Sustainability Development Goal. The group are also starting to look at whether their expertise can be applied to domestic challenges in the water sector.

For more information please contact Sue Clayton sue.clayton@midlandsinnovation.org.uk