Research Resources

The Midlands Innovation partnership is building on the work of the former M5 partnership in the area of research efficiency. It is taking forwards the thinking around equipment sharing and the use of research infrastructure to promote research collaboration. A dedicated committee oversees this work. The following objectives for the work have been agreed.

Mission statement: To increase access to and utilisation of cutting-edge research infrastructure and expertise across Midlands Innovation, to enable the creation and sharing of new knowledge and discoveries that support national and global research challenges.


  1. To promote unique research facilities, collections and assets within the partnership to increase access and utilisation and as a vehicle to stimulate research collaboration.
  2. To secure new collaborative research infrastructure for the region.
  3. To support and develop collaborative user communities to promote the sharing of best practice, development of technical and research skills, sharing of access to equipment and stimulation of research collaboration.
  4. To deliver on our commitment to promote the sharing of publically-funded research infrastructure.
  5. To lead identification of the next generation of equipment needs to ensure we continue to deliver cutting-edge research.

Re Facilities 2

Across the Midlands Innovation partnership there are a large number of cutting-edge research facilities that can support collaborative research or are available for partners to access. The details of these facilities are available below and are split into two groups.

  1. Facilities that Midlands Innovation partners have won by bidding collaboratively.
  2. Facilities that Midlands Innovation partners have identified as unique or significant and as a result should be promoted to encourage shared access and drive greater usage.

Facilities won collaboratively:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Cryo-Electron Microscope
  • ERA facilities