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HETS Lite Keynote Speakers Revealed

On 23rd June, hundreds of technicians will join the UK Higher Education Technicians Summit online event (HETS Lite) to learn about advancing career opportunities, promoting commitment and culture and sharing best practice.

Aimed at technicians working in higher education and research, the summit is a free online event dedicated to addressing the topics that the technical community want to explore and discuss.

HETS Lite starts at 10am and finishes at 2:30pm. Keynote speeches include:

  • Advancing Status and Opportunity for the Technical Community by Professor Nishan Canagarajah, President and Vice-Chancellor for University of Leicester and part of the TALENT Policy Commission
  • Commitments and Culture; How is UKRI Supporting Technicians? by Ellen Meek and Nik Ogryzko from UKRI Talent and Skills.

The digital event is part of the biennial UK Higher Education Technicians Summit established by Midlands Innovation in 2015 in partnership with the Science Council.

There will be opportunities to network and delegates have a choice of eight workshops on the day including:

  • An introduction to the Midlands Innovation TALENT programme – a £5m programme to advance status and opportunity for the technical community
  • A session exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the technical community across higher education and research
  • A workshop discussing a bespoke professional registration register for creative arts practitioners and technicians
  • A Professional Body Showcase hosted by the Science Council, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Biology and Institute of Physics
  • A session on the new Level 3 Higher Education Technician Apprenticeship standard
  • A workshop on excellent customer service in technical areas
  • A Professional Registration Showcase hosted by the Science Council
  • An interactive workshop on effective networking for technicians and how networking can advance you and your career

Click here to view the full agenda
Click here to view the workshops
Register for the event now   

The fourth biennial UK Higher Education Technicians Summit will take place on 10th November 2021 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, on the University of Nottingham’s main campus.

Registrations for this event will open later this year. To register your interest please email: info@midlandsinnovation.org.uk

**Please note this online event will be recorded. **