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Papin Prize Shortlist Announced Recognising Technicians

The shortlist has been announced for the UK’s only award ceremony dedicated to celebrating technical excellence and innovation in higher education and research.  

Sixty-one technicians have been shortlisted for an acclaimed Papin Prize across ten categories. To honour the role and impact of technicians in supporting the COVID-19 effort, two special recognitions have been included this year: COVID-19 Recognition, National Impact and Community Impact.  

Hundreds of individuals and teams were nominated for this year’s prestigious awards which will be presented at the biannual Higher Education Technician Summit (HETS) 2021 on 10 November 2021 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham.  

Kelly Vere Project Lead for TALENT said: “Since launching, the Papin Prizes have become one of the most highly regarded rewards for technicians in our sector. It’s the only award ceremony which is wholly dedicated to celebrating the varied role of technicians and the work they do.  

“The Papin Prizes provide national recognition for technicians and help to raise the profile and status of technicians within the sector. We wanted to offer two additional prizes to this year’s categories because of the valuable impact technicians have made during the pandemic. These recognise an individual or team who has played a significant role in the response of their institution to COVID-19 and it’s no surprise this was the most popular category.  

“Congratulations to all individuals and teams who were nominated. Shortlisting is never an easy task and the fact we have more than sixty eligible is testament to the quality of submissions we received.” 

The Papin Prizes are named after Denis Papin, a 17th century technician who worked with Robert Boyle. Papin invented the steam digester and was one of the first technicians to publish in his own name. Nominations for the 2021 Papin Prizes are made by any member of the higher education community including students, staff, collaborators and alumni.  

Technicians who have been shortlisted in the following categories are:  

Contribution to Infrastructure  - A member of technical staff that has made a significant contribution to day-to-day infrastructure to support research and/or teaching – for example, roles may include technical staff who look after building facilities or technicians that provide key services.  

  • Andy Whittam - University of Reading   
  • Catherine Davies – University of Manchester   
  • Chris Varley – University of Nottingham   
  • Dr Graham Hickman – Nottingham Trent University   
  • Graham Tobasnick – University of Glasgow  
  • John Ure - University of Southampton  
  • Kenneth Keating - Imperial College London  
  • Richard Burgess – Keele University  
  • Shaun Dixon – University of Warwick    

Contribution to Research  - A member of technical staff that has made a significant contribution to research. 

  • Andrew Langley – University of Bath   
  • Aatif Patel - Loughborough University  
  • Janice L Coles - University of Southampton  
  • Lindsay Gallagher - University of Glasgow  
  • Mark Partington - University of Edinburgh  
  • Oniz Suleyman - Queen Mary University of London 
  • Sarah Booth – University of Birmingham   

Contribution to Teaching
  - A member of technical staff that has made a significant contribution to the student teaching and learning experience.  

  • Andrew Brown - University of Edinburgh  
  • David Hughes - University of Glasgow  
  • Edward Zealley - University of Bristol  
  • Kerry Truman -  Nottingham Trent University   
  • Natasha Russell - University of Birmingham     
  • Natalie Sobey - University of Plymouth  
  • Paul Halford - University of Nottingham  

Core Research Facility
 - A member of technical staff within a central research facility/platform who has provided exceptional skills/expertise.  

  • Jarryd Braithwaite - Cranfield University  
  • Laura Wilkinson Hewitt - University of Leeds (Protein Production Facility)  
  • Mouse Operations - Wellcome Sanger Institute  

COVID-19 Recognition (National Impact)
  - An award to recognize someone who has played a significant role in the national response to COVID-19  

  • Ellie Smith -Keele University  
  • ISARIC Clinical Characterisation Consortium (ISARIC4C) Outbreak Laboratory Technicians - University of Liverpool and University of Glasgow  
  • Lighthouse Laboratory in Glasgow (LLiG) Technician Team - University of Glasgow  
  • Sequencing Operations Team - Sanger Institute  
  • Technicians at the University of York - University of York  

COVID-19 Recognition (Community Impact)
 - An award to recognize someone who has played a significant role in the community response to COVID-19  

  • Andy Tallis - University of East Anglia  
  • Judith Mayne - University of East Anglia  
  • Kent Technical Services - COVID PPE Response Team, University of Kent 

 - An individual who has embarked on a technical career within the past 4 years and shown exceptional promise - for example, this may be a trainee or apprentice technician.  

  • Bronte Elliott - University of Sheffield  
  • Calum Melrose - University of Edinburgh   
  • Eve Wilcock - University of Liverpool  
  • Hayley Smith - Aston University  
  • Lola Ogunyemi - University of Nottingham  
  • Matthew Watkins - Imperial College London  
  • Neil Fairbrother - Keele University  
  • Robert Cook - University of Glasgow  

   - A member of technical staff that has made a significant contribution to community/outreach activities.  

  • Ho Huen - Queen Mary University of London  
  • Katherine Hardy - Nottingham Trent University   
  • Laurence Dawkins-Hall - University of Leicester  
  • Richard Brown - Imperial College London  
  • Samantha Littler - University of Manchester  

Technical Team
  - A technical team which has worked together to deliver excellence.  

  • Farnham Printmaking Team - University for the Creative Arts Farnham  
  • Graham Axtell (and team) - Imperial College London  
  • Jing Lu, Diana Dias Fernandes, Thomas Ogden - University of Southampton  
  • SPHERE Technician Team - University of Bristol  
  • Technical Team, School of Design and Creative Arts - Loughborough University   
  • Undergraduate Laboratory Technician Team, School of Physics and Astronomy - University of Leeds  

The Professor Lord Bhattacharyya Lifetime Achievement Award
   - An award to recognise continued excellence and/or significant achievements across an individual's technical career.  

  • Alastair Daley - Loughborough University   
  • Atiya Raza - University of Greenwich  
  • Bob Hide - University of York  
  • David Marshall - University of Nottingham  
  • Dave Wilde - Keele University   
  • Ian Conway - University of Nottingham  
  • Jim Hutcheson - University of Edinburgh  
  • Paul Brown MBE - Imperial College London  

This is the fourth time Papin Prizes have been awarded at the biannual HETS event.
HETS is sponsored by Midlands Innovation in partnership with Science Council and Technician Commitment.
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