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M5 Equipment Funding Success

A collaborative project between Loughborough University, the University of Nottingham and the University of Warwick aims to create a Thermal Exergy Storage Laboratory. Funded through the EPSRC's Capital for Great Technologies call the project aims to create a future centre of excellence for research on exergy storage involving high-grade heat through shared capital infrastructure. Heat capture, conversion and storage will become increasingly important in the move to a low carbon energy system and this project will play a pivotal role in providing cost effective energy storage options both at the very large centralized and small distributed grid-scales. Led by the University of Loughborough, this £1.7 million project exemplifies the aims of the M5 group to boost research collaboration and improve equipment sharing within the Midlands region.

Five other projects involving M5 universities were also funded through this call. They include funding for equipment to support cryogenic energy storage and energy storage for low carbon grids at the University of Birmingham, an energy storage research demonstrator at Aston University, multifunctional additive manufacturing at the University of Nottingham and equipment for a smart and connected vehicle at the University of Warwick.

September 2013