Health and Life Science Symposium

Sponsored by Midlands Engine Health, the Midlands Health and Life Science Symposium is a virtual event series, culminating in an in person conference (due to take place 24th November 2021). The event will shine a light on the Life Sciences strengths of the Midlands as well as the role they can play in tackling COVID-19, delivery of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and adoption/innovation within the NHS. It will bring together stakeholders from across the Midlands region with interests in health and life sciences research, local industrial strategies, medical technologies, innovation and who work in academia, business, clinical settings and in regional and local government.

Today the Midlands is home to:

  • the highest number of Medical Technologies companies of any region in the UK (pumping £1.6bn into the UK economy pa)
  • 14% of all UK Life Sciences employment (30,565 jobs)
  • 2 of the 3 largest UK NHS Trusts
  • the 2nd largest Clinical Trials cluster in Europe
  • 7 leading Medical Schools (producing over 20% of the UK’s medical students)
  • a stable, ethnically diverse population of over 10 million citizens (making it the ideal test bed for global health and multimorbidity interventions)

This event series will bring together academic, business and clinical experts alongside civic and regional leaders from the Midlands and beyond to highlight what the region has to offer and to explore how excellence can be harnessed to address global healthcare challenges for increased wellbeing and productivity.

Upcoming Events:


June 2021:
3rd - 4th June - 14th UK & Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society Meeting
9th June - CANDAL seminar series 2021
9th June - Centre for Dementia Seminar Series
10th June - Cabin Fever: How does isolation affect our mental health?

July 2021:
14th July - Neuroscience in forensic mental health: Is it translatable?

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If you have any questions or wish to add an event to the Midlands Life Science virtual series, please contact Alex Archibald




Previous Events:
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15th - 17th Mar - Beyond COVID-19 | New directions for Public Involvement in Health and Social Care Research in the Midlands Event Details
26th Mar - Midlands Innovation Immunology Network Informal Fridays 
14th April - Midlands Mass Spectrometry Group event series. 11:00-12:00 Watch Here
30th April- Midlands Innovation Immunology Network Informal Fridays 
17th May - Research on Mental Health Recovery: Co-Created with Survivors of Modern Slavery Event Details
18th May - Institute of Mental Health Research Day
20th May - Mood Disorders Centre of Excellence Research Meeting Event Details
28th May - Midlands Innovation Immunology Network Informal Fridays (get in touch for joining details)