The Midlands Innovation Immunology Network Research Symposium

COVID-19 Research Symposium 

MI Immunology Network logo CMYK-01The Midlands Innovation Immunology Network (MIIN) aims to encourage research collaboration, innovation and build training opportunities. We will utilise our membership within Midlands Innovation to promote the development of high-quality collaborative proposals and ensure the region is offering state-of-the-art research facilities.

The MIIN COVID-19 Research Symposium (25th Feb 2021) aimed to highlight and discuss the latest academic, clinical and industrial immunological research that has taken place within the region relating to SARS-CoV-2, as well as bringing in key colleagues from across the UK. The Symposium focused on four key themes in COVID-19 research: Antibody Measurement, Cell-mediated Immune Responses, Vaccine Development and Systemic Immune Responses. The event was open to all (including students) and provided time to network with both speakers and attendees.  Recordings of each session are available below.

Intro and Session 1: Antibody Measurement

Session 2: Cell-mediated Immune Responses

Session 3: Vaccine Development

Session 4: Systemic Immune Responses