Access Flow Cytometry Facilities withtin the Midlands Innovation Universities 

Aston University
Jill Johnson
School of Life & Health Sciences 
Beckman Coulter FC500

University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham Flow Cytometry Platform
Enabling Technologies Technical Lead and Technology Hub Manager: Andrea Mitchell
Email:  A.M.Mitchell@bham.ac.uk
Advanced Flow Cytometry Specialist: Adriana Flores-Langarica.
Email: a.floreslangarica@bham.ac.uk
Advanced Flow Cytometry Specialist: Paola Pietroni.
Email: P.Pietroni@bham.ac.uk
Mass Cytometry Specialist: Shahram Golbabapour.
Email: S.Golbabapour@bham.ac.uk
Attune NxT
BD FACSAria™ Fusion Cell Sorter
Beckman Coulter MoFlo Astrios EQ Cell Sorter

Helios™ Mass Cytometer - CyTOF

Cranfield University
Academic lead: Dr Francis Hassard   01234 750 111
Flow cytometry for assessing microbiological water quality Characterisation of bacteria, eukaryotes and virus from complex environmental samples. Biofilm characterisation  
 BD Accuri C6 (single laser) x 4 instruments
Biorad S3e™ Cell Sorter

De Montfort University
Contact Naomi Martin
Accuri C6 Plus.

Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
Hawthorn Building

Keele University
Alan Richardson
Beckman Coulter FC500
Beckman Coulter Cytoflex

University of  Leicester
Core Biotechnology Services – Main University Campus, Maurice Shock Building
Academic lead: David Cousins  Enquiries: flowcytometry@leicester.ac.uk and Reshma Vaghela

BD FACSAria. Three laser, sixteen colour cell sorter
BD FACSCanto II. Two laser, six colour analyser
Beckman Coulter Cytoflex. Two laser, four colour analyser. Plate loader.

Loughborough University
School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, National Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine
Academic Lead, Dr Christof Leicht
BD FACS Calibur
BD Accuri C6
For enquiries please contact Dr Christof Leicht

The University of Nottingham
The Flow Cytometry Facility has two top-of-the-range high speed sterile cell sorters and 3 dedicated analytical flow cytometers available for use, with the maximum capability of a 5 laser 23 channel Astrios EQ.  We also have a 4 laser ImageStreamX MkII Imaging Cytometer.
For general enquiries and grant application support please contact Facility Manager David Onion, for scheduling and billing enquiries please contact Facility Technician Nicola Croxall.

The University of Warwick
Academic lead Dan Hebenstreit 
For enquiries contact Sarah Bennett (Manager at WISB)
- BD LSRFortessa
- BD FACSAria Fusion