Cultural Assets

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Cultural Assets

Exploring our cultural assets

The rich history of the Midlands region can be seen and accessed through a diverse and unique sets of collections and archives found in our partner universities. There’s a breadth of materials and mediums that includes fine art, geology, contemporary arts, ceramics, sculpture, photographic, manuscripts, cinematic, performing and the visual arts.

The various collections offer a stimulating range of subject areas and opportunities for collaborative and inter-disciplinary research, partnership development and community engagement.


Supporting our Universities’ collections

Gaining a deeper insight to the breadth and scale of the collections our partners hold is important on many levels – to aid understanding for research collaborations, to share best practice, to engage with the public and other stakeholders, or to uncover the wealth of assets that help us understand our individual and shared past. 

As part of this understanding the MI Universities Collections Group commissioned a report that would support them in identifying the strengths and synergies of the partners. 

The final report, written by Dr Liz Hide (Director of the Sedgwick Museum, University of Cambridge), highlights the impressive work that is taking place across our partners.

There is a huge range of collections held within the MI consortium, and an impressive variety of collections-based work taking place, with impact locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Recommending four areas where partners might support collaboration across the collections, the group are working to explore initiatives and opportunities that can bring benefit to all.  These will involve:

- Accessing support and advice
- Collections discoverability
- Shared exhibition and public engagement work, and
- Shared advocacy

Acknowledging the range, scale and diversity of the collections is an important first step for the Collections Group.  As noted in the report:

By shining a light on collections, it is also hoped that this work will enable individual organisations to look again at their own priorities and identify areas where they might develop or reposition themselves, and to do this with the support and advice of colleagues across the consortium. (Dr L Hide)

The report can be downloaded here

How do I get involved?

To access the collections please click on the links below for the particular area you’re interested in. These will take you to the individual university pages where an overview and details for whom to contact for more information will be available.

If you are based in one of our partner universities and would like to add to these collection pages then please contact the Midlands Innovation team.