Midlands Universities -  supporting the fight against COVID19

As the situation with the Coronavirus rapidly changes, universities in the Midlands are uniting to help with the fight against the virus.

Midlands Innovation (a partnership of the Universities of Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick) are acting agilely to support the Government, NHS, frontline services and communities at this time of crisis.  

Our partnership’s motto is ‘Together we are Stronger” it represents who we are, it’s what we stand for, and it drives our collaborative efforts. Those few words are never truer, not only for our partnership, but also for our country and the world at the moment.

Professor Alec Cameron, Chair of Midlands Innovation and Vice-Chancellor of Aston University
Press Releases about our partners' responses to COVID19

Our press releases summarise just some of the responses by Midlands Innovation universities to the COVID19 crisis and the response by other partners in the Midlands:

Research excellence mobilised to fight COVID19 - 11th May 2020

Supporting communities during the COVID19 crisis - 21st April 2020

Midlands Innovation universities supporting the fight against COVID19 - 30th March 2020

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Find out more about the help being provided by our universities

These are some of the numerous ways in which the Midlands Innovation partnership is helping the national effort against COVID19 at this time. Please check the links below:

Aston University
Resources and People Power
COVID-19 and self-employment in the UK - ERC insight paper
Helping people get through it
Supporting students
Expert advice for businesses dealing with COVID-19
Rising to the challenge of COVID19

University of Birmingham
Research developments and news
Birmingham supports the fight against COVID19

Cranfield University
Coronavirus information

Keele University
Joining the national effort to fight COVID19
Response to COVID19

Donating lab supplies to help

University of Leicester
Our COVID19 story
Advice for students, staff and visitors
Answering the nation’s need for volunteers
New approach to coronavirus testing

Loughborough University
Our response to COVID19
The coronavirus clock

University of Nottingham
Response to COVID19
600 medical students have volunteered
Final year medical students have graduated early

University of Warwick
National clinical trial to treat patients with COVID19
Coronavirus guidance
Five ways Warwick staff and students are helping the fight

Warwick 2
Photo shows university lab workers making hand sanitser prior to the lockdown.