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Midlands Innovation launches training fund for Flow Cytometry

A new fund has been set up by Midlands Innovation to support the training of both staff and students in flow cytometry - the identification of cellular and subcellular characteristics within complex samples.

The fund was announced by Dr Lucy Fairclough at the annual Midlands Innovation Flow Cytometry conference, which took place recently at the University of Leicester, attended by over 100 academics, early career researchers and students sharing expertise and best practice in the field of Flow Cytometry.

Speaking about the new fund, Dr Helen Turner, Director of Midlands Innovation, said: “We are keen to support the development and growth of academic networks in the Midlands Innovation group of universities. This fund will enable new and experienced scientists to develop cutting-edge skills in flow cytometry to keep the Midlands at the forefront of this specialism.”

In addition to the announcement of the new fund at the Flow Cytometry conference, there were presentations from specialists demonstrating the wide ranging uses of the technology, from ovarian cancer, to plant ploidy analysis and salmonella.

Speaking about the event, Dr Lucy Fairclough who leads the Midlands Innovation Flow Cytometry Group, added: “The flow cytometry conference was an amazing opportunity to bring together the community from across the Midlands area to share knowledge and research in the field of Flow Cytometry. I was also delighted to be able to announce that Midlands Innovation is providing funding to allow the Flow Cytometry Group to build a comprehensive training programme, which will further support learning and development in Flow Cytometry techniques in the region.”

Other activities at the Flow Cytometry Conference included the awarding of prizes to the best presentations. Professor Andrew Fry, College Director of Research, University of Leicester presented these to Nonantzin Beristain-Covarrubias, Raul Maqueda, Juan Carlos Yam-Puc and Paulina Tomaszewska.

Prizes were also awarded for poster presentations to Nanci Frakich and Ganisha Fatania. In the afternoon, delegates also took place in workshops exploring various Flow Cytometry topics, and the day finished with a keynote speech from Derek Davies, Francis Crick Institute on the importance of professional development, and how training has evolved with increasingly more complex instrumentation.


For more information about this press release, please contact Nick King, Marketing and Communications Manager for Midlands Innovation, on nick.king@era.ac.uk, or tel: 07964 391057