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Midlands ICURE Ev­ents To Showcase University Spin-out Companies

Eleven new university spin-out companies are gearing up to present their ideas later this month at two showcase events in London and Birmingham. They will be going all out to convince an invited audience of funders and investors to support their businesses in the next stage of their development.

The eleven companies were the successful participants in the award winning ICURe programme, which is funded by Innovate UK and with the University of Warwick as one of the three national delivery partners. ICURe stands for “Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research” and the programme was set up to support university projects which have commercial potential, helping the teams to develop solid business plans based on primary market research and feedback from potential customers.

In addition, the teams will also be pitching to attract experienced business managers who can support them in their early stages as an independent company.

Speaking about the showcase events, Quentin Compton-Bishop, Chief Executive of Warwick Ventures, which is involved in managing the ICURe project, said: “This is a great opportunity for the people involved in university spin-outs to gain the finance that they need to take their businesses to the next level. It will also help them to develop and perfect their pitches and gain experience of pitching to investors. The event is also an excellent opportunity for early-stage investors and entrepreneurial managers to engage with many of the best Innovate UK backed spin-out companies from England and Wales.”

The technologies being showcased include:

  • A chemical-free process for disinfection of agricultural seeds, replacing toxic pesticides
  • A real-time street level flood prediction system, providing forecasting up to 48 hours in advance
  • An eco-friendly biotech platform to produce xylitol from industrial and agricultural waste
  • A simulation and testing model for electromagnetic wave propagation, to allow improved planning of radio and mobile communications. 

For further information, contact icure@warwick.ac.uk

To sign up for our Birmingham showcase event on 19 March, visit https://bit.ly/2VHdUYZ